Return your order

Do you want to return the (unused) order? This is possible within 14 days of purchase, provided you have not yet sent the test to the laboratory.
Send a message to containing:

  • the reason of your return
  • the name / account number under which you made your purchase
  • a photo of the unique code (R-number)

Please note: the account number you specify for the refund must be the same as the account number from which you made the payment to This is to prevent possible fraud with refunds.

What if something goes wrong?

At your place:

It could happen that something unexpectedly goes wrong during testing. You drop the cotton swab on the floor after collection, or knock over the tube with buffer liquid. In that case the test is useless. You can then receive a new test at no extra cost. In this case you send us an email ( with an explanation of what happened. Please also include a photo of the test kit with the unique code on it. We will then delete that number from our database and send you a new test set.

In our laboratory:

It rarely happens, but something can go wrong in the lab as well. Sometimes too little material has been collected to perform a proper analysis. Or there is another reason why the analysis was not successful. In that case you will see this when you request your result. And of course – after you contact us via – you will also receive a new test.