Frequently asked questions

To answer as many of your questions as possible, we have listed the most freuquently asked ones below. Still not found the answer your’re looking for? Or do you have more questions about the ReceptIVFity test itself? Please visit or contact us.

Corona virus

Can I still get my results?

Yes. We will keep working as long as this fits within the guidelines of RIVM and the Dutch government, and as long as the health of our employees permits. However, the result may be delayed if the material you are returning is delayed in the mail. All logistics partners do their best to guarantee continuity. We ask for your understanding.

Does the corona virus affect my test result?

Currently, there is no reason to believe that the corona virus (respiratory tract infection) has any influence on fertility tests.

Do you test on corona virus?

No, we do not offer tests for the corona virus currently.

Questions about home testing

Is the ReceptIVFity home test as reliable as tests taken in an IVF clinic?

Yes, as long as the ReceptIVFity test is taken in accordance with the instructions, they are equally reliable. Your sample is always analyzed in a fully accredited laboratory.

Can I take the home test during my period?

No, this is not advisable as the test has not been validated on it. The bacteria remain traceable, but the (menstrual) blood can cloud the test results. There is also a high chance that the cotton swab will get covered with (menstrual) blood and that the collection of the sample is slightly more sensitive than usual.

Can I use the home test when I have just used vaginal gel, foam or soap?

Do not use the test if you have used one of these vaginal products in the last 48 hours, as this will decrease the sensitivity of the test.

Can I use the test multiple times?

No, the home test is for single use only.

What are the advantages of a home test?

Not all clinics stock the ReceptIVFity test. With the home test you can test at any time in an environment that is pleasant for you. The result can be requested quickly and anonymously. You can consult your treating physician with the result.

Questions about the procedure

Do I need to make an appointment in advance?

No, you do not have to make an appointment in advance, you can take the test at home. It is advisable though, to discuss (the timing of) the test with your doctor first. Ultimately, you also want to discuss the result with him / her. Moreover, it can influence your choices within your fertility trajectory.

Do I need to visit a specialist before getting the test?

No, you can decide for yourself whether you want to take the test.
It is important though, to discuss (the timing of) the administration of the test with your doctor first. Ultimately, you also want to discuss the result with him / her. Moreover, it can influence your choices within your fertility trajectory.

How does the procedure work?

When you have ordered the test via our site, the test will be sent as soon as possible (orders before 11:00AM are usually shipped the same day). Take the test on the day you have agreed upon with your doctor.

Take the test according to the enclosed instructions. After the sample has been collected and packaged in the way as stated in the package leaflet, you can return the package to the lab by mail.

Note: keep the unique code stated on the leaflet carefully. You will need this to request the test result. As soon as the test has been received by us, you can use the unique login code to check the status of your test.

Questions about the result

What are the next steps after I get the result?

You take your results with you to your treating doctor and he will advise you further. You can download a PDF report with your test results (and print it if desired).

When can I expect results?

Usually the results are visible within 5 working days after the test arrives at the laboratory. When you check your result online, you can see if your sample is received, and when it is expected to be analysed.

Questions about my order

Can I order form other countries than the Netherlands?

Yes, it is possible to order from outside the Netherlands. When you place an order from another country (for example UK, Germany, France or Belgium), keep in mind that there may be some extra delivery costs involved.

Can I return the product?

Please check our return policies here.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, that’s possible. If you cancel your order immediately after ordering, it will be included in our system. However, because we often ship our parcels the same day, your order can be shipped already. Send us an email at if you want to cancel your order. Some costs could be charged for administrative actions.

What payment options do I have?

You can pay by: – iDEAL – PayPal – Creditcard

Questions about delivery

When will my order be shipped?

If ordered before 11:00 AM, your package will usually be shipped the same day. With your order you will receive a track & trace code with which you can follow the package exactly.

In what kind of packaging will the test arrive?

The test comes in a box with a sleeve around it. This fits all regular mailboxes. The inner box can be used as a return box; it has a business reply number printed on it.