ReceptIVFity home testing kit

The ReceptIVFity test offers you better insight into your fertility chances.
Go directly to the webshop to order the test, or learn more about how hometesting works below.

It is important always to discuss with your fertility doctor beforehand about the timing of taking the test.
Afterwards, you will discuss the results with him / her. The results are only valid for a short period of time.

If you want to learn more about the test itself, go to or download the ReceptIVFity patient brochure.

receptIVFity verpakkingen

We keep it simple


1. Order your test in our webshop

2. Take the test at home


3. Return the sample to our lab


4. Request your result anonymously online

Reliable testing

We think it is important that our test is not only accessible, but also as reliable as possible. Our laboratory is certified. This means that we are regularly checked for quality and professionalism and that we always pass these checks well.